Riviera Glass - Webmasters.com - screwed me over

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I was told I moved my domain name registration from webmasters.com in March.In July, my site went down - webmsters said I was in redemption.

42 emails, 2.5 weeks, $150, nasty, hostile customer service, billing person "Tammy" would not give me name of owners, CEO, etc. Told I would get the domain name after paying the $150. Paid the $150 (even though I did not feel I owed it) only to have it released to the public and purchased by someone else within minutes. They put me out of business by losing my web presence.

Tammy kept saying, "I'm the only one helping you!" "Yes, and I lost my domain name." A supervisor called later to say "sorry", but they still put me out of business!

This is the most insensitive, inept group.

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